Monday, December 28, 2009

Black nail polish only for emos?

Is it acceptable for non-emos to wear black nail polish, or does it look weird if ur not emoBlack nail polish only for emos?
Definately not for emo's. Black nail polish looks chic! Especially on short slightly squared nails. Think Mischa Barton! Dark purples and reds are also gorgeous if you're not comfortable wearing black.Black nail polish only for emos?
Im not really emo and i wear black nail polish.

It usually looks cute

Just make sure its not chipped and applied very neatly.
i'm kinda preppy, kinda a rebel, but i use black nail polish. plus, just because people label other people who wear black nail polish, doesnt mean you'll get labeled too. so do it if you want to. who cares if somebody thinks your emo????
First,let's stop with the labels.Anyone can wear it,BUT it is extremely overdone,and make people seem like followers.If you wore it long before this trend than its fine otherwise use another dark color,like a deep violet or something
I'm wearing it as we speak and I'm definitely not emo!!!! It looks wikd, not weird!!
You can wear whatever you want on your nails. Whether you`re rock, punk, goth, preppy, girly, emo, or any other style, black nailpolish will always match.
any1 can wear not only emos. punks and goths wear it too. it looks nice with casual or evening clothes

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