Monday, December 28, 2009

Do i have a nail polish problem?

since like 5th grade i have always had to have nail polish on my nails ALL THE TIME!!! some of my friends think im weird and even my teachers are noticing!! help! do i have a problem???Do i have a nail polish problem?
Taking care of yourself is not a problem!

Just because you like to keep your nails nice and polished does not mean you're weird.

Keep it up!Do i have a nail polish problem?
i think the ones who think you have a problem who notice have the problem, not you
no, i practically wear nail polish all the time too. i just take breaks every now and then
no you dont my friends love to keep nail polish on there nails alot and so do i it makes them look better so no worrys alot of people are like that. :)
just because you keep your nails pretty doesnt mean you ahve a problem.. Honestly i wish i always had nail polish on.
You could use clear nail polish that make them look shiny
i wish i had the patience to do that!

your lucky

there is nothing wrong with that

its a better habbit than smoking and what not!

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