Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you stop nail polish from chipping?

Sally Henson is my best friend. Use her nail polish and she also has a kit and it works wonders. First you take some nail polish remover and clean your nails. Next, push your cuticles back. Then file them going in a little curve. After that put some Sally Henson's clear nail polish, that is the first coat. Then, you put on two coats of any color you want. After that, put on another coat on the clear nail polish, and you should be done. Do this every week. Revlon is good too.How do you stop nail polish from chipping?
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How do you stop nail polish from chipping?
buy a good nail polish
you can put the strong clear coat on top
clean your nails with nail polish remover first then put polish on then a top coat leave them for an hour
I used to hate that... I tried every kind from expensive OPI to cheap Wet-n-Wild, I also tried the No Chip top coats. Nothing worked till I found Colorstay nail polish by Revlon. I used to redo my nails every day or every other day because of chips, but with this I don't get ANY chips for atleast a week- I can usually make it two weeks.
Umm...wrong category, but anyway. Make sure to put on a base coat, two coats of the color you want, and a top coat. Also, try painting a little bit on the sides and under the makes it harder to chip. Hope i helped and good luck!
Get nail laquer,it lasts much longer than nail polish. Try the brand OPI.

Then put on 2 topcoats instead of one.
I use OPI polish

Also put down a base coat and a top coat. Plus you always have to wash your hands first to make sure your nails have no oil on them.

This site has some nail tips as well
it will always chip i've so tried everything and it still chipped
it depends on the brand... buy a more expensive brand and u will ahve better quality!
buy expensive nail polish
buy a clear coated, nail strength for over top
put on ONE THIN COAT. it hekps. trust me.
You could start with a good brand. One of my old time favorites is OPI. It lasts longer than your nail does. lol But, if you are using a cheep brand, don't put too many coats on and make sure your nail is clean and free of oil before polishing. I usually buff mine slightly before polishing.
You have to apply a clear coat first before applying the polish color of choice.
Put a sealer on before and after u paint them and let them dry
put a clear coat over the color

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