Monday, December 28, 2009

Red nail polish? good or bad?

I have this awesome Sally Hanson Hard as Nails ';Cherry Red'; polish and I love wearing it on my toes. I was wondering, is red too bright a color to be worn on fingers too? I dress pretty simply not in really bright colors normally. Any opinions?Red nail polish? good or bad?
red polish is a classic. short or long nails look good in it. make sure you get the right red for your skin tone, though. My FAVORITE is OPI's ';Not Really a Waitress';...great name, especially cuz I AM a waitress. It's got a nice sparkle in it. Great for everyday or around Christmas.Red nail polish? good or bad?
Love red polish! So fun and sexy! Red nails go with most any outfit!
i love red nail polish. my fav type of red is the darker tones i think they look great
i think it is because it shows that u have a wild side to you
Bright red is a good color for fingernails,

Bad color for your nose.
red is a very classy fact im wearing red nail polish right now :D

defo a yes!!!
ya it would look great. bright nail polishes are coming in to style. so is black or something dark.
i think red is a sexy color
Wear it on your fingers too! Flaunt that red
Why not! Work it girl.
Red should be worn on short fingernails, it looks better.
try it! you may like the look of it, and if you are not satisfies which i doubt you can change it.
You sound like my nail polish soul mate, I love red on my toes, but have never tried it on my nails until yesterday! I love it, I went with a darker red, and it feels so grown up :) Try it, after all, there is always nail polish remover!
go for it :]]

im sure it'll look great!
no-red is so cute and very goes with a ton of things and can be casual or dressed up!
yeah girl rock the red polish.. i actually just did mine red today!!! go for it!
Yeah it's fine....I wear red nail polish all the time
red is an awesoe color as long as you are not to pale. Also dont wear it every day. Wear it for one day and then take it off, then wear it for another day in a couple of days or weeks. Also dont wear it with the same outfit when you were it, and dont wear something that has lots of read,only blue or greens, or is really sloppy.

Cherry Red sounds delicious!

Try it on your fingernails too, to see how you like it, and how others react. The fun thing about nail polish is you can change it as often as you want.

I have a Classic Red which my girlfriends refer to as 'slvt red'. I don't care, I know they are only teasing.
It's low commitment and it's just nail polish, so why not?
go ahead, girl! Another great color is a red that is shiny and has a gold tinge in it when it reflects the light.
Yeah why not? I'm sure it'll look great!
red is such a bold color. you will surely get noticed in those nails. but no, its not to bright to be worn on fingernails. it would especially look good if you wore something black,too. good luck. ;)
Your nails really show the inner you. I wear very wild clothing but I prefer my nails natural and my toes metalic. Which is un expected. So it just shows you have something in you with a need for speed and a flash of the wild side. Go ahead and flaunt those nails.
red nailpolish is sexy!
Go for it, there is always nail polish remover if you don't like it. Red is an awesome nail colour.
AHHH! I love that nail polish! I wear it on both my fingers and toes. Mostly my fingers, though. I think its an awesome color! Kinda flirty too!

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