Saturday, December 26, 2009

Black nail polish brands helpp?

does opi, china glaze, misa, essie, or creative nail design make them? if yes, can you tell me the name of the color?Black nail polish brands helpp?
*China Glaze Black Diamond

*OPI Black Onyx

misa,essie and Cnd

all do black toBlack nail polish brands helpp?
Yes they do.

You can look that up for yourself, it's not rocket science. All you have to do is type in ';OPI'; (or whatever nail polish brand) in Google. Then look for their shades on the website. EASY HUH??!? Unless you are color blind? Unlikely. It annoys me when people who are accessible (have prior knowledge and eyesight) don't use their resources.

All it takes is some common sense, really.
What's a Tire Jack?

(jet black)

Never Enough Shoes

(black with multi-color glitter)

The Be Bold Collection by OPI - Black Onyx

Lol at patty and yes they all make them.

I like black and When shoppiong for polish I find them with thtose brands

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