Monday, December 28, 2009

Best nail polish color for caramel skin?

Dark red with a slight shimmer. Or, maybe a maroon? I too have a caramel skin, but I don't think it matter's what color. The only color that looks bad is a matte white or sometimes silver...And the colors that just look plain ugly sometimes...But I think red is classic and goes with anything. :DBest nail polish color for caramel skin?
Red with sparkly orange flecksBest nail polish color for caramel skin?
red is perfect for Carmel skin cause i have Carmel skin and i have red nail polish on and it looks fabulous!!!!
Caramel? Hmm I would say red would look good if it's kind of a dark red not too bright, the purple kinds of shades. It's hard to say because caramel could be lots of colors. I would say just try it up to yourself and see, anything in the golds would look good as long as it's not too brown cause then it would match too well with your skin, you could always go for a french manicure which makes any color skin look good.
bright colors look REALLY good like a bright orange or pink!! i have like a carmel mocha colored skin and it looks fabulous heres a pic of rihanna in it!鈥?/a>

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