Friday, January 15, 2010

How do i tell my parents that i like nail polish?

how do i tell my parents that i like nail polish How do i tell my parents that i like nail polish?
like this:

mom, dad, i have news... i'm pregnant!!! okay not really i just like nail polish.

heheheHow do i tell my parents that i like nail polish?
I'm assuming your a boy, and thats why this is a dilema.

Uhmmm, I'd start by tellling your mom (moms are usually more understanding and sympathetic, regaurdless of what you tell them) and tell her that you'd like to wear nailpolish and that your concerned it will bother her and your dad if you do so, than talk to your mom about how your going to tell your dad and see if she'll bring it up for you (it will probably be easier that way.) and see what happens! =D
just start it up in a conversation somehow.

say one of your friends had a really nice color on the other day, and you would like to try it out.

they are your parents.

they should understand lol.

they're not judging you.

huh? what? is it like a big deal that u like nail polish! seriously?

just be honest and say mom, dad, i like to wear nail polish.
Tell them straight out,

If they don't like nailpolish or something then just start of with clear polishes or neutral tones. :)
Why do you parents dislike nail polish or something??
What do you mean? Why can't you use nail polish?

';i like nailpolish.';
just tell them that u think nail polish looks nice. r u not alowed to use nail polish or something?
Why dont u just tell them you'd like to get some? I'm sure they'll be fine with it.
Say I like nail polish?
tha bestest way is tosay:


i like nail polish.
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